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sanjaybist posted blog posts
10 Ott, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
Rohit was not happy with their existing health insurance service provider as there was a hike in the premium for three year old policy and decided to port it to the new insurer. However, he was worried that the new insurer will treat him as fresh…
8 Ott, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
A house is the most precious possession any individual has which is built over the years of hard work, dedication, focused dream and sentiments. In today’s uncertain times, it has become important to protect your dream home from any natural or…
4 Ott, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
Very few people like the idea of smog-clogged streets, bumper to bumper traffic and stifling heat because overspent environment. Even people who live in Los Angeles, which are quite used to this, but hope for a better, greener tomorrow. There are…
27 Set, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
Paying for the vehicle insurance in the form of monthly instalments can actually help the policy holders to spread the cost of vehicle insurance coverage. But sometimes, making monthly payments become tough for the policy owners, as a number of…
22 Set, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
One of the biggest problems for most people is simply understanding the health insurance benefits that they have. For the most part, health insurance policies try to be user-friendly in their wording, but many people are just not familiar with…
17 Set, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
Motorcyclists are more prone to injuries than car drivers as they have minimum protection against accidents. According to research, the major cause of motorcycle accidents remains the failure of other motorists to recognize motorcyclists in heavy…
8 Set, 2016
sanjaybist posted a blog post
Everybody knows the importance of vehicle insurance, but most of them fail when it comes to choosing the right insurance for their vehicle. The most common mistake many vehicle owners make when it comes to buying insurance is that they fail to…
6 Set, 2016

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