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20 Feb
Anti-Social Media Marketing

Marketing professionals are obsessed with "social media marketing". Social media includes websites where a large number of users provide their own content and share information and build connections and relationships. and following each other's updates. There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Spoke, academy,, Friendster and Flickr where people can get business and personal information, status updates, Innumerable amounts of photographs, videos, news articles, political views, biographies, sexual interests, sports opinions, recipes, health information and more buy ig like.

It doesn't end there. Social media marketing also includes the use of blogs, online videos, discussion forums, and ways to allow customers to respond and rate your website pages. And a lot more. This is extremely valuable and some companies have done a great job of getting real value out of their social media marketing efforts.

Undoubtedly, there is a wide range of marketing opportunities available to marketers who can use social media tools to determine how to capture the attention and preferences of the audience. Wherever you go in the world of marketing, people are promoting the value of attracting social media for business purposes. I quickly went through a week's worth of emails to find invitations to attend or attend white papers, webinars, and conferences.

Here is a sample of what I found in the last seven days: How to create a social media technique that works for your brand Connecting constant communication and social media for internet marketing success.

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Now, I subscribe to several marketing newsletters, but there are hundreds more, and this list represents just one week's worth of email - and I've probably missed some. Marketing through social media is white hot - the level of excitement is off the chart buy ig like.

Social media, however, still cannot completely replace other, more traditional forms of marketing. Recently, I was on an "expert panel" at a marketing event and the audience was breathlessly impatient about social media. At one point, all of our panelists were requested to comment on the value of this new channel and when it was my turn, I said that when I Thought social media would one day offer huge marketing value, I was worried that people were putting too much effort and attention into it.

I mentioned that, in my opinion, there was probably no huge "first mover advantage" in figuring out how to market successfully through social media, and that was important. For now, continue to use email, direct mail, direct sales, telecell, advertising and other channels. I said people should make sure they are up to date with what is happening on social media and they should be constantly checked, but, since no one has yet. By cracking the code to measure the results of these new opportunities, it was important not to be distracted by the demand-making methods we currently use that we know are effective.

These statements made me look pretty dirty and I felt like I was announcing that I was predicting a big comeback in the Yellow Pages ad. A number of people in the audience have probably rejected any idea of hiring my company for marketing advice for them and I think there may be grievances in the organization a lynch mob.

Lo extraño es que en realidad estoy muy entusiasmado con el potencial del marketing en redes sociales y lo usamos en mi empresa todos los días. I just think its value as a form of demand generation is still not clearly understood and since it is not very measurable, it flies in the face of those responsibleFor most companies marketing is a huge waste of resources.

We have a marketing trend that assumes that new channels make the old ones obsolete. For example, when email began to gain popularity and effectiveness, many marketers came to the conclusion that direct mail was on the way out. Oddly enough, email marketing, to some content, became a victim of its own success. Spam has grown faster than standard email, and soon so much trash has loaded into customer inboxes that system administrators across the country have become more aggressive. at filtering out unwanted email.

Unfortunately, many good quality emails, most of which are subscribed to, are caught in the spam filter. The distributability rate of email marketing campaigns has plummeted and the entire medium has lost some of its effectiveness. The net result is that direct mail, a good old-fashioned printed offer sent via USPS, has returned somewhat. The death of the direct mail was highly exaggerated.

Something similar can happen with social media marketing and I think it has already begun. For example, I have received many emails telling me that people have started following me on Twitter. These emails contain no information about my new fans, just an anonymous username that I can click to see. What I've discovered is that a growing number of these "followers" are signing up to follow porn providers and possibly thousands of unsuspecting Twitter followers. users like me. If it continues to be accessible, I will no longer be a Twitter user because, as it turns out, I'm not actively looking for more junk mail in my inbox. I suspect you are not, either.

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