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Why l shaped standing desk amazing
You may already hear a lot about standing desk, which can relieve longtime sitting problem. Probably l shaped standing desk is more preferable, which can make your desktop more amazing.

Some will challenge this by Two Desks Perpendicular. So I will tell you that this is not a question just like 1 plus 1 equals 2.

Separate workstations
Creating two separate workstations is not difficult, but more reasonable design is what we want. l shaped standing desk can make your working space clutter-free. You can allocate one area where you can put all your papers and supplies so it does not get in the way of your keyboard. May be someone can choose standing desk with keyboard tray, but it take time to take out the tray.

More working area for less space
Another amazing advantage of l shaped standing desk is that more working space without eating too much space. Because it can be flushed against the corner, just like the corner standing desk, the dead space in the room become useful. This is perhaps the main reason why a lot of people in the city are shifting to l shaped standing desk due to the high housing price.

The above-mentioned reason perhaps can not convince some stubborn consumers. Two Desks Perpendicular is not a good choice for these disadvantages.

More challenging to put together

Because two perpendicular desks each with a big bulky tabletop, it can be more challenging and more time-consuming to put them together without a tiny gap between them, not to mention making them a proper proportion. Normally, you will be needing help in setting them up. It’s not an easy job.

Since these are two separate tables, you have to adjust them individually. If you do not normally go from sitting to standing position and vice versa, you will likely not find this an issue. But if you transition the desk several times in a day, it can be tiring to adjust two separate desks.

Also, there is a concern if the frames and legs of the desk will come in the way of your feet. It can eat up floor space at the center. This can be a concern if you have long legs and you are using the desk in a seated position. You will not be able to sit where the two desks meet because the frames will come in the way.

We also find that there could be a bit of an eyesore if you use two separate tables. There will be a clear demarcation line on the area where the two desks were connected. And unless you plan on screwing these two ends to each other, it can also pose wobbling issues. And you have to be careful to not put anything on that demarcation line because it can fall once you move the two desks.

Challenging to move and setting up

Two perpendicular desks without any joints, it will be challenging to move them together from one place to another. All you work doubles when compared to l shaped standing desk.

In addition, you will be able to set the desk up yourself. It’s like setting up two straight desks, you just have to add a bit more time. But compared to an l shaped standing desk, the setup will be time cosuming. It will also take more time to carry it along with a flight of stairs compared to an l shaped standing desk.

l shaped standing desk or two desks perpendicular is better?
The best choice will have to spend on your circumstances. In normal circumstances, we favor getting l shaped standing desk. l shaped standing desk are more stable and you will likely not experience any wobbles compared to connecting two straight desks perpendicularly.

And we really did not like the frames coming in the way of our legs and feet. So it somehow disrupts a smooth workflow.

Also, you will be able to use the dead space in the corner with l shaped standing desk. And as mentioned earlier, you might not be able to do that with two separate desks. That is unless you screw the connecting ends of the table to one another or use the desk stationary.

But there are instances wherein a DIY may be suitable for you.

You tend to use the desk for a long time. Thus, DIY will be a more efficient option for you. You do not have to work out lugging a big deck down the flight of stairs. And you might not need to disassemble the desk to move it.

Also, it will not matter how the room is configured since you have more flexibility in arranging the tables. You don’t have to worry about the shape of the room since you will fit the desk into the room and not the other way around.

If you will make the desk stationary, meaning you will not change the desk height, then a DIY might be suitable for you. Can you just imagine how cumbersome it could be if you have to adjust two separate desks all the time?

If there isn’t a dedicated corner where you can place the l shaped standing desk, standing desk with drawers also is a good choice. Sometimes, it might be difficult to find a way to position an l shaped standing desk in a small space. So it will be advisable for very small offices and rooms to go for another choices.

A DIY will be very useful in office settings where there is a need to change the workflow every now and then. You have the option to configure the two desks according to your needs. And when the need arises, you can put the strength desks parallel to one another. Or maybe arrange them up in rows or face them against the wall. This can be a usual scenario in a very interactive office where you tend to brainstorm with other team members and the like.

But keep in mind that two stand up desks separate will be more expensive than buying an l shaped standing desk.

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