As I've said previously, Final Fantasy XIV has some amazing customization options. Between the glamour system allowing for some crazy combinations of outfits on the new Bard song system that facilitates player-created songs, to custom houses, it just about allows for Buy FFXIV Gil any creative outlet you can want.

That latter category is probably best shown off through this player-crafted private quarters, carried out the style of Monster Hunter World. Reddit user Lensecandy been able to create a pretty wonderful scene using all kinds of in-game items, which there are hundreds at this time.

If you're inquisitive about the plants that comprise the windowed garden scene, Lensecandy supplies a list: Bamboo Flowerpot, Potted Oliphaunt's Ear, Potted Dragon Tree, Wall Planter, Potted Spider Plant, Planter Partition, Oak Low Barrel Planter, Potted Maguey.


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