Star Wars KOTOR 3 Plot

Legendary video game writer Chris Avellone recently revealed to VG24 / 7 that "Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic 3" had the opportunity to develop something from Obsidian.

"The third game involves you, as a player, follow Revan's place and take the battle to the really old Sith Lord, who is more terrible than the Darth that appears," Avellone said. "These people are monsters. These will have considerable power, but at the same time, you can use these forces to learn more about their psychology, personality, history, and even how they deal with players, how to talk to players, and they develop Different powers of development, for some of them, they are ancient, so they are not only ruling the solar system, but even the large galaxies."

Avellone describes the part of the galaxy that explored the ancient Sith "let their seals", which made the game sound like a horror thriller in some ways. In fact, it sounds like many stories will be realized through your exploration of these environments and some details of the things you find on the road. For example, you can use SWTOR Credits in the process of exploration, even though the nature of these expeditions is ominous. However, Avellone said that you can actually find a lot of information about ancient Sith, rather than the recent Star Wars movie did not reveal much information about snooker.

Although Avellone also hinted that Obsidian does not necessarily promise to have the opportunity to develop the third old Republic game, he is not entirely sure why the project was cancelled.

"I think part of the reason, I just guessed, I think LucasArts had an internal team at the time that wanted to do this," Avellone said. "So it's obvious that they will take precedence over us. So I think this is a factor. Another factor is that I think... BioWare tried to do it a few times. They tried to sell it and tried to sell it, like," We are going to do the third game. "But it seems that I have never really been to anywhere."

We've heard about BioWare's sales before, and Avellone even hinted that the reason we didn't get a third KotOR game from anyone might be related to the SWTOR Credits EU sales or the industry's general lack of interest in the single-player experience. However, he admitted that he did not really know the answers to these questions.

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