Adidas Adi Ease Homme France

Hi Peter, how Adidas Homme Chaussures Pas Cherdoes the shoe compares with the Go Bionic which you liked much. Would you run a half or full in them? Does it qualify as a minimalist with a 6mm offset? As i was about to order the Bionics, would you recommend i¡¯d go with these instead? Thanks again for your advice and gait analysis further to the Concord workshop, i run better now and the injury is going away finally. Gilbert

is it possible to compare it with the Hagio (how fast both can be, their traction and possibility of running bigger distances)?Running Warehouse is selling both in a similar orange color (i think so!), but the hagio is in liquidation.Thanks and have a nice weekend!

On the adios 2 I was at the london marathon a couple weeks back and as a shoe enthusiast was looking out for runners in adios as it¡¯s my shoe of choice. Outside of Kipsang and maybe a couple of other Adidas sponsored runners there were a load of guys (both elite and Mr 3-4 hours) running in the first version of womens%20adidas%20zx%20flux%20decon%20003.jpgthe shoe. I have both but haven¡¯t yet put miles in the 2, however it seems that the general feeling was that the adios 1 was a super popular shoe and the update hasn¡¯t offered anything new. In fact the reason the 1 is still sort after may be because it¡¯s a little less fussy in the upper and gives a bit more flexibility as a result? Either way it¡¯s a racing flat with a safety net and a great shoe!

At the end of the race, I couldn¡¯t wait to get them off. No blood, but certainly had large blisters right where my arches started. I am not sure what to do with them in the future. I really like the shoes as they are firm and lightweight. My knees felt great after the race. Maybe a thin pair of injinis or just not tighten them so much.

The Adios is not without its downsides however. The interior is scratchy and not suitable for sockless running, which is not a deal breaker, but given some of the great uppers out there nowadays I find it surprising when a shoe pays seemingly little attention to interior feel. My bigger issue with the Adios is that the toebox is too tapered at the front. The width is fine at the ball of my forefoot, but from that point forward the shoe tapers to a very distinct point, which causes considerable toe scrunching, particularly the little toe. Going up a half size might help with this, but I much prefer the forefoot shape of the Hagio to that of the Adios (I do feel like the Adio Adidas Originals Hommes Clearances runs about a half size smaller than the Hagio, which might be part of the problem). If there is one single factor that would keep the Adios out of my regular rotation, the tapered toebox would be it (a bit surprising to me as I thought the heel would be the problem).

Years ago, NB promoted the opposite. With a similar ball drop demo, the ball bounced back the least and apparently that was good thing. I hate these kinds of marketing gimmicks. We¡¯re not metal marbel Acheter Adidas ZX 750 Femmes dropping onto cement so why does this have any relevance.
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