Albion Online: single t4 weapon unlocked

I had to earn lot of silver and fame to try these weapons out and turns out that I didn't enjoy any of these playstyles that these weapon spells has to offer, most felt dull and similar to eachother.
I like the game otherwise and want to still give Albion Online Silver some time.. so is there any weapon that is not a copy of these ?

How about you describe what kind of play style you are looking for, or what you Didn't like with the above weapons, and maybe someone here can help point you in a direction you want.

It's hard to just give you a weapon you will be happy with without know what makes you happy or mad.

Started with bows since I've always enjoyed them but then started trying out all the melee & discovered I enjoy the polehammer,double-bladed staff and claws. Trying out the staffs in the mage branch now. I'm not too fond of magic but I'll try it anyway just to feel them out.

I have almost every single t4 weapon unlocked but I finally decided to go with the cursed staff.

New player here- i am currently using the t4 dual swords and claymore, but I kind of want to branch into Mage stuff. Maybe even hunters because I heard that they have stealth. I want a weapon that can help me sustain in solo PvE and do ok in PvP.
I tried searching up what each weapon does (pole arms, staff types, claws, etc.) but the Albion online wiki is really unfinished so I wasn't able to find any answers.
I am kind of interested in the halberd but I don't know what it does to Buy Albion Online Silver. Could someone explain to me what each type of weapon does?

Full explain would take too much time, but i give you few pointers. You can find stealth skills from leather armors, there is ambush in assassins jacket and invisibility in mercenary boots. Every weapon tree like swords example share abilities in Q and W slot, but ability in E slot makes them different from each other. Destinyboard is good place to go through different weapons and read what the abilities actually do. All abilities are not available at T4 and you can unlock more those when you tier up. So if you want to see all abilities available, check out the T8 white Elder weapon.

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