AU Shippin' Out October 5-8: Enslaved

This week sees Ninja Theory go platform agnostic with all the release of Enslaved: Odyssey to your West. Inspired by Chinese novel Journey on the West, Enslaved tells the tale of Monkey and Trip when they traverse a ravaged Earth in a very bid to emerge from capture from FIFA 19 Coins that rule the ruins. Ninja Theory veteran Andy Sirkis provided the motion capture for Monkey, while Hollywood script writer Alex Garland penned the story to the game. Keep an eye out for Enslaved: Odyssey to your West if it's released on Thursday.

Also taking on the court immediately is NBA 2K11 from 2K Sports, with basketball legend Michael Jordan as being the cover athlete. MJ's association with all the game won't just end there, with the entire mode from the game specialized in re-creating the champion's career. On top of that, Visual Concepts spent some time working to Buy FUT 19 Coins and make the pre- and post-game presentations more like a TV broadcast, that is something that the hardcore sports fans will be for the lookout for. NBA 2K11 also arrives on Thursday.

To find what else is out soon, browse the list below: You need to have a javascript enabled browser to observe videos.

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