Belichick joked about the NFL

Belichick joked about the Madden Mobile Coins audience's warm welcome.When asked by Fallon whether he could call Belichick "coach," Belichick replied, "Oh yeah, because I've been called a lot worse than that." MORE: Matt Damon pretends to be Tom Brady to sneak onto 'Kimmel'Belichick told Fallon that he had a hard time believing the Patriots' historic Super Bowl comeback win actually happened.The coach said when he got back to his hotel room after celebrating the win, he had to watch highlights of the game to make sure it wasn't all a dream. NFL draft rumors: Patrick Mahomes might be top QB; Lions want another TE | NFL | Sporting News

Even for a perceived down class, quarterbacks continue to dominate discussions with sources and those within the football industry. Clemson's Deshaun Watson will be the Nfl mobile enigma of the 2017 class, but a different quarterback could be the top overall pick ... and not to the Cleveland Browns.Also in this NFL draft roundup, an update on the 49ers' quarterback situation for the future, who the Lions might take in Round 1, buzz on the top running backs in the class, a defensive lineman with substantial character concerns and much more.MORE: Latest Mock Draft for 2017NFL draft: quarterback discussionWith six junior quarterbacks having declared for the 2017 NFL Draft, the most ever,

NFL teams won't be passing on the position altogether, but many may be more patient than in recent years.Watson will be the primary storyline from a network programming standpoint. But I actually don't think NFL teams are as divisive as some have made it seem. Some in the NFL are huge fans of Watson on and off the field.Most I've spoken with like the majority of his game, but they have questions as to whether he's worth a top 10 pick, and for now,

I agree. He won't check the boxes character/leadership-wise in the same way Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota have in recent years.Watson will have his chance to win over a team at the Combine, but as of now, he isn't expected to do so. Film and mental development do most of the work for quarterbacks. But at the end of the day, a decision maker has to be willing to tie his name to a quarterback. That's what Watson needs to do in Indy.

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