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Right now we are just allowed one of osrs wiki each bag type. Allowing an infinite number of these bags will instantly raise the number of seats and titles we can hold by roughly a factor of 8 (the 12-slot bags are a bit more difficult to find), and provide us breathing space until a more elegant solution could be made and implemented. Clogged inventories definitely have to be dealt with. Likr you've said earlier, the number of items inthe match has improved 1000 fold or more because it was released, yet our stock sizes have remained the same (including the base dimensions). This clearly presents a difficulty.

But especially to the issue at hand. Two solutions: Provide us a name storage similar to the medal storage. Any title we have ever earned will go in the storage, also we can reissue them at any time for 100k maplestory mesos. Its obviously not a perfect solution, since it will overlook any names you have collected before it was implemented, but it is going to work going forward. Come out with larger chair and title bags, and give seats their own inv tab.

Percent HP attacks are a significant problem that virtually all high level bosses share. They also let a burglar to tank as many strikes as a warrior regardless of their defences and maximum HP. However reverting these attacks to coping flat harm is not a solution since it's impossible to hit a balance between a burglar's meagre 10k hp and reduced defence along with also a warrior's 30k with higher defence.

A boss that has tried this OSRS gold equilibrium is rs wiki Hilla's pet Blackheart from the Dimension Invasion celebration quest. It's strikes damaging enough to kill some courses whilst Gently brush off the damage without a worry.The subsequent solution keeps the ideology that squishy (low defence) classes should perish in fewer hits than tank courses as seen with all the flat damage attacks, but it takes it one step farther and gives tanks a method to OSRS gold "protect" squishy players from damage.

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