Mettiti in gioco come "Micro Influencer" e monetizza la tua Web Reputation per fare acquisti.

Cash equal currency for MapleStory Monster Life which can be bought in the normal cash shop or obtained from Great site events (depends upon Asiasoft). Gems are utilized to purchase items which Waru can't buy from the MapleStory Monster Life store or buying items at a lowly farm amount (ignores farm amount limitation set on purchases with Waru).Regular currency used in MapleStory Monster Life which is used to buy items from the MapleStory Monster Life shop.

Waru can be gotten from completing quests, harvesting from buildings, playing MapleStory Monsters, adding new buddies as well as from events (depends upon Asiasoft).Hover the mouse cursor on it to view the list of energetic MapleStory Monster potential applied to figures across your Maple ID (further elaborated in a different section). Possible DOES expire but the MapleStory Monster will not disappear from the farm.

Refer to section 9.5 MapleStory Monster Abilities for listing of available potential. The bottom left display bar shows the MapleStory Monsters you have in addition to your inventory.The techniques shown below are used to power level new released jobs such as Kanna up to Level 200 in one day. As you may notice, new jobs with scarce Mastery Books and Godly Scrolled Weapons (main leveling tool) will slow down leveling progress unless the man or woman is leeching out of a greater level person, but this is another story!

When Knight of Cygnus is MS2 Mesos educated up to level 150, Empress's Blessing supplies +30 weapon/magic attack to all other characters. Mihile (Particular Cygnus Knight) can only provide around +24 weapon/magic attack to all other personalities EXCEPT itself by level 120 via level 24 Empress Blessing.It's Maplestory 2 Mesos stackable with Empress's Blessing. The Blessing of the Fairy provides +1 ATK Power, +1 MAG ATK, and buy Maplestory 2 Items +1 Accuracy & Avoidability for each 10 level increment in the Explorer course up to level 200.

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