Best Prospect Left Fielders in MLB The Show 19

Left fielders play with a fairly critical role in modern baseball, because you'll find in MLB The Show 19. Unfortunately there aren't too many elite-level MLB the show stubs players in the place in the game, but at this MLB 19 Best Left Fielders guide, we'll still be assessing the best MLB The Show 19 gamers you'll be able to find at the place.

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So if you're starting as one of the teams without one of those above MLB The Show 19 players, then you're going to want to look for the next man that may combine their ranks. Here are five left field prospects which you ought to look into.

Finishing second in the AL Rookie of the Year voting in 2017 behind Aaron Judge was just the beginning for Benintendi. With the glut of outfielders that the Red Sox currently have, deciding on where to play Andrew will probably be your hardest decision. The best move is to move him from left to center field, if you decide to play J.D. Martinez in your outfield. You could also proceed Betts to center, and play J.D. at right, but any way you slice it, Jackie Bradley Jr. is looking like the odd man out.

The fresh faced, and freshly haircut (thanks to Yankee coverage ) Clint Frazier ought to be ready to start in your Yankee outfield at 2019, once Brett Gardner is from the picture. He has a decent arm using 61 volt Power and 74 Arm Accuracy, and ought to be able to run balls down with his 74 Speed. Another good hint is that his traits against right and left-handed pitchers are almost identical, meaning that opposing teams will not be able to obtain an advantage on him.

Rhys is a big man (6'4, 224 pounds ) that carries a big stick. In 2017, Hoskins place MLB record by becoming the quickest MLB The Show 19 player for to 9, 10, and 11 homes runs in his career, and he did all that in his first 17 games. Owing to that, he's out of the gate with 82 Pow vs R and 90 Pow vs L. The sole disadvantage to Hoskins is his 33 Speed, which might lead to a future position change to first base, or possibly DH if obtained by an AL team.

The Reds Organization has a lot of middling high-60s and low-70s overalls from the outfield. Within a calendar year, Winker should jump all of them.

The Brewers reconstructed their outfield by signing Lorenzo Cain and trading to get Christian Yelich this year. That implies, if you're looking to pick up a young outfielder, they have got some MLB The Show 19 players to you. One of them is Aguilar. If his defense may come up a little (32 Fielding), he must be a feasible corner outfielder who can set up some very nice power amounts.

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