Blizzard has released a brand new World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch that nerfs a variety of cheap wow gold healing specs in PvP settings.

The new hotfix considerably reduces healer mana regeneration in PvP engagements for all Druid specs, Holy and Disc priests, Holy paladins, Elemental and Resto Shamans, and Mistweaver Monks. In addition, the new patch nerfs neurotoxins for Assassination Rogues in PvP.

As outlined by Blizzard, the nerf to healers was rolled out to make mana more vital in PvP.
"We've taken a cautious take a look at healer mana throughout longer PvP engagements in each Arenas and battlegrounds, plus the adjustments above are intended to buy wow items address various concerns", Blizzard writes. "In PvP, we want mana to feel like a extra important resource, and we want mana efficiency to become an essential part of PvP healing. In the beginning of Battle for Azeroth, mana regeneration from all healer specs was decreased by 15-30% (based on the class), and immediately after reviewing the current state on the game, we feel like additional reductions are necessary to both healer specs and a few hybrid specs."

The official release notes for the update happen to be included under:

Player versus Player

Restoration Druid mana regeneration is now lowered by 55% in PvP.
Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Restoration Shaman, and Mistweaver Monk mana regeneration is now reduced by 50% in PvP.
Discipline Priest mana regeneration is now decreased by 45% in PvP.
Balance Druid, Feral Druid, and Elemental Shaman mana regeneration is lowered by 35% in PvP.


Nourish (PvP Talent) mana price improved by 30%



Neurotoxin now increases the cooldown of affected spells by 1 sec, down from 3 sec.
Neurotoxin now features a 45 second cooldown, up from 25 sec.
Neurotoxin now features a 3 sec duration, down from 10 sec.
Developers note: Regrettably, we're unable to repair several technical issues with this spell at this time. We're functioning on a fix for it that we hope to incorporate in 8.1.5.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available globally now.

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