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We can see in a movie and in a TV how those actors and actresses screen their body off with impeccable clean hairless skin.


Most of all desire the same, in a beach in swim wear and in gym we all love to show of what we have got with the pride.

Are you still clung with painful waxing and time-consuming shaving that are for short-term result and are not always safe? We have experienced the redness, irritations and cuts now and then after shaving and waxing,

I underwent to Brazilian laser hair removal treatment about 2 year ago. The motive why I am writing here is to provide genuine information regarding to the Brazilian laser hair removal technique with my personal experience and knowledge since I couldn’t find such useful and well-disposed information over Internet.

Brazilian laser hair removal is the most effective and the best of all laser hair removal techniques. It uses the Photothermolysis technique in which laser beam penetrates the skin reaching inside the hair follicle and kills the DNA, which eventually stops the growth of the hair.

This method of laser hair removing technology is the best known for its flexibility and effectiveness that the hair in skin can be left or completely removed as much as one desire.

For the people like me who want their cleavage, bikini area, arms, legs and underarm clean and hairless Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is the best solution.

Like other laser hair removal techniques, this treatment also requires patience, money, be well-informed and no skin troubles. The cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is remarkably high but since it stops the growth of hairs permanently, cost becomes automatically cheaper beyond your prediction.

Skin type differs from one person to another. If your skin is too sensitive and can cause some more other skin or health problems then Brazilian laser hair removal treatment might not be your cup of tea.

It took me almost 1 and half years for the complete course to keep my body away from those bushy hairs.

I started my treatment in a clinic in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2017.  My first experience with this laser removal treatment was very exciting at the same time those heat from Laser beam was poking my skin like a sharp edge of a pin. After 30 minutes of a little bit pain I found my skin visibly hairless but by that time my skin was irritating and redness had been appeared.

After consulting to doctor I used some ointment to heal the minor burns and I was told by doctor that side effects of Brazilian laser hair removal are similar to those of other laser hair removal treatment and is not recommended in some fragile parts of human body like hairs over male testicles and also during pregnancy.

After 5 months of my first laser experience I went to the same clinic for my second treatment. I was mentally prepared for the laser beams heat and pain. I was satisfied with my result after the second treatment.

Likewise, I did my third course after 4 months and by this time I became quite used to with the Laser treatment. The third result was also successful with very few hairs remained in my legs and arms.

Trust me after treatment, my confidence level rose up. My friends started to notice changes on me.  I began to have wonderful time in beaches with my smooth hairless skin.

After that for my subsequent courses I started to visit clinic in just the difference of weeks. I did my fourth, fifth and sixth treatment in the gap of 4, 6 and 8 weeks respectively. After searching the web, I have found other options to remove hair using laser hair therapy. Laser hair removal machines is being sold on the net – for instance have developed a laser hair removal device called the Bareskin IPL Device. Basically, it does the same thing without you leaving your house and costing you an arm and a leg.

I always dreamed of getting flawless hairless skin and now after acquiring it I am very jubilant and very much thankful to my dermatologists and physician. If you are prepared and have what It takes then I recommend you Brazilian laser hair removal treatment and experience the difference in life.

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