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Survival rates from lung cancer remain devastatingly low, added study author Charles Swanton. By understanding how it develops we've opened up the disease's evolutionary rule book in the hope that we can start to predict its next steps, Swanton said in the news release.The agencies are co-funding seven clinical trials that will examine how to use text messaging, online social networking, Bluetooth-enabled scales and other technology to help young people control their weight and, in the process, protect their hearts.Last year KV Pharmaceuticals agreed to pay $17 million to resolve allegations that a subsidiary collected payments from Medicaid for two unapproved drugs. The Department of Justice alleged that the company failed to notify Medicaid officials that the drugs were not eligible for government payments.

Doctors should use a patient's size to calculate chemotherapy doses, but often fail to do so with those who are obese, the report said. One reason is concern about how much chemotherapy an obese patient can bear, but research shows that larger people cope with chemotherapy better than smaller people.There is limited data available looking at how added sugar intake is related to body-mass index (BMI),'' Wang said. For the study, she used data collected in the Minnesota Heart Survey, a surveillance study of adults aged 25 to 74 living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. Dietary intake was evaluated by 24-hour recall.The most commonly reported adverse reactions among patients treated with eribulin in the EMBRACE study were fatigue (asthenia), a decrease in infection-fighting white blood cells (neutropaenia), hair loss (alopecia), numbness and tingling in arms and legs (peripheral neuropathy), nausea and constipation. Peripheral neuropathy was the most common adverse event leading to discontinuation from eribulin, occurring in less than 5% of the patients involved in the EMBRACE trial. Neutropaenia only led to eribulin discontinuation for 0.6% patients. Death due to serious side effects, discontinuation and dose interruptions to treatment were lower in the eribulin arm of the trial compared with the TPC arm.Although omega-3 is typically associated with decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, this may not be the case for women who have type 1 diabetes. Importantly, our study suggests we shouldn't assume men and women with type 1 diabetes are the same, lead author Tina Costacou, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, said in a university news release.

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Experts have been debating the merits of, and problems with, the AMA policy. We wanted to contribute to the conversation by bringing data rather than speculation and by focusing on the psychological repercussions, she explained.Ground-level ozone can cause a number of health problems, such as coughing and throat irritation. Ozone can also aggravate the lungs of people who already have trouble breathing, such as those with asthma, bronchitis and emphysema. Pollution from ozone can also damage farm crops and other plants, according to the news release.Those families who had children with problems such as blindness or cerebral palsy -- two conditions that sometimes, but rarely, occur in low birth weight infants -- had healthier family functioning scores than others, for reasons Saigal can't explain.People with an autism spectrum disorder display impaired social and communication skills. Symptoms, which can range from mild to severe, usually become apparent in the first three years of life. The developmental disorder is linked to abnormal biology and chemistry in the brain, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health.
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