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The 2013 Employer Health Plan Study is based on responses from 5,857 employers, with quotas to assure an adequate distribution of small, medium and large companies. The study was fielded in April and May 2013.As more women have entered into and succeeded in leadership positions, it is likely that people's stereotypes associating leadership with masculinity have been dissolving slowly over time, she added.To be removed from future BCC update e-mails, please send a message to

It's one thing if hospitals develop these things on their own, where people are motivated and engaged, Urbach said. That can transform a culture and make it more safety-conscious. If it is mandated, it may not achieve the same result.During his fight with Ebola, Sacra suffered classic symptoms -- fever, vomiting, diarrhea and aches. But, he never developed the extensive bleeding that comes in advanced stages of the hemorrhagic viral infection.There are economic problems that can't be solved with normal market mechanisms, prize committee member Peter Gardenfors said. With these matchings there is no money involved so the main thing is to follow what kind of preferences people have -- who wants to be matched with whom -- and find a good solution to that.Christopher Ferguson, chair of the psychology department at Stetson University in Florida and a leading critic of studies linking violence to movies and video games, praised the study. In this research area, it is often difficult to discern good science from overstated panic, he said.

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Infections, either bacterial or viral, were blamed in 13 percent of stillbirths. They included E. coli or group B strep, cytomegaloviris and parvovirus, which causes Fifth disease (a rash that can occur in childhood). While many women get those infections during pregnancy and their babies are fine, in a small number the infections can lead to stillbirth, said study author Dr. Robert Silver.The experiments to study the effects of penicillin were conducted by the National Institutes of Health from 1946 to 1948. About 700 Guatemalan prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and orphans were deliberately infected with syphilis without their knowledge or consent, the Associated Press reported.But there is also the question of inorganic non-food toys, which actually strikes older children, Shah added. These need to be kept out of reach, because just because you have an older toddler you should not assume your child can't choke on this or that object.TUESDAY April 28, 2015, 2015 -- Kirk Gibson, who played 17 seasons of Major League Baseball and is perhaps best known for a dramatic pinch-hit, ninth inning home run to win a World Series game in 1988, said Tuesday he has Parkinson's disease.
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