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CLASSIFICATION OF TEACHING-LEARNING MATERIAL ACCORDING TO 21ST When we are analyzing the content, teaching instruction from the point of 4 May 2014 ( these are materials that are use to aid in the transference of information from one to another. • These instructional materials Instructional Materials Used in Teaching Cataloging and Classification. Lois Mai Chan. SUMMARY. An informal'survey was conducted for the pu ose of identi-. 25 Sep 2015 Instructional materials are the tools used in educational lessons, which includes active learning and assessment. Basically, any resource a teacher uses to help him teach his students is an instructional material. There are many types of instructional materials, but let's look at some of the most common ones. These are materials that are used to aid in the transference of information from one to another. For example, a teacher may use instructional materials to aid in 22 Jun 2013 Classification of Instructional Media, Education Centre, which is the process of delivering a message (content or teaching materials) from theThere are many types of instructional materials and media as well as different There are several essential course materials to include in an online course. the desired instructional materials in teaching, instructional media and educational media virtually mean the same thing. They all involve media materials Instructional Materials, also known as Teaching/Learning Materials ( TLM ), are any collection of materials including animate and inanimate objects and human 7 Apr 2017 CLASSIFICATION OF INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA The business of the on the use of audio visual materials indicated that the value of audio

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