Cute Nicknames to Call your Boyfriend By


Calling cute names to your loved ones is one common thing these days. While nicknames come naturally when you share a special bond but choosing nicknames for boyfriend is one difficult task. You definitely won’t want to embarrass him with a cheesy one, specially when he is out there with his guys accompanying you.

So to add a little more spice and cuteness into your relationship, just go through these cute and romantic nicknames for boyfriend put together for you all.

●Mr Awesome
●Eye Candy

Things Boyfriend Love to Hear From You

It is very important that you understand his needs and compliment him like he does. He won’t say it upright, but there are certain things that boyfriends expect their girlfriends to say to them.
While we all say a lot of things to express our admiration for our boyfriends, however, some things are still amiss. Go through the following list to know what exactly should you compliment him about and how exactly to do it.

1.Show your faith in him
A girl who shows her faith in her partner wins him all. Show him that you trust him for his choices and decisions. Stick by him in his highs and lows. You can say following things to him:

●‘I love your passion for this.’
●‘I believe in you completely.
●‘I will be there for you no matter what.’
●‘I am sure, whatever you choose to do, will be right.’

2.Compliments to show that you respect him
Respect is what we all expect from anyone primarily. You being his partner, have to take this seriously and know how important it is at times to show him respect. Go for these compliments to show your respect for him.

●‘I am proud of you.’
●‘I respect you for everything that you are.’
●‘You made me a better version of myself.’
●‘I respect how you own up to your mistakes and sort it out with me.’

3.Tell him how dashing he is
It is not only you who would love to be complimented. Remember, he is as much conscious as you are, so compliment him for his looks and personality. You can say these things to him and please him.

●‘You look sexy with those sleeves rolled on.’
●‘How can you be this handsome to keep me off my feet whenever i see you.’
●‘I love being wrapped in your sexy- manly arms.’
●‘You look dashing when you put your black shirt on.’

Towards the end, it all boil downs to the fact that you have a great bond. Giving your boyfriend a nickname is just another way of expressing your admiration for him.

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