EA cracking on concussions in Madden 12

Concussions are one with the most dangerous injuries a football player can sustain, and EA is aiming to drive this message home by tweaking its Madden NFL series to take care of Madden Overdrive Coins concussed players in a very dramatic new way.

In Madden 2012, players who be handed a concussion within a match is going to be sidelined for your remainder on the game with zero dreams of returning on the field. In addition, the in-game announcers - Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth - will comment around the injury, making special mention of their symptoms and implications.

"Concussions are this kind of big thing, it has to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins become a big thing inside video game," said John Madden inside an interview with all the New York Times. "It starts young. Kids %26mdash; they start in game titles. I think the osmosis is when you have a concussion, that%26rsquo;s a critical thing and you also shouldn%26rsquo;t play. Or leading with all the head that you need to eliminate. We want that message to become strong."

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