EA will remove Kareema Hunta from Madden NFL 19 due to the attack

Runningback Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunt is still waiting for the results of the investigation, but EA is already clear.For attacking a woman, EA will remove it from Madden NFL 19.

Electronic Arts has confirmed to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins Polygon that Hunta will be removed from the Madden NFL 19, Madden Ultimate Team and Madden Overdrive.

The reason is the progress in the investigation of the attack, which in February / February Hunta accused a 19-year-old woman. The investigation of the attack has been going on for a long time, but for the lack of evidence the police and the football association did not bring any consequences. But everything changed last week when a video from the camera confirming the attack appeared. In response, the NFL football association placed it on the list of sports-free games. In principle, it is the equivalent of paid off - Athletes on this list will continue to pay, but until the appeal they can not participate in matches or training.

EA has confirmed that it will remove it from the modes where it is present. The condition, however, is for Madden Overdrive Coins players to update the game, otherwise they will be available in most modes. However, the exception applies: If players have already started to play Franchise offline, Hunt will remain in the game. In Ultimate Team mode, he replaces it with "generic player with identical statistics" to change the EA. He is doing similar steps to Baltimore Ravens, Raya Rice. He was also dismissed from the team and his activity was permanently suspended after an incident with domestic violence.
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