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Hippodrome has played witness to a number of changes the city of London has gone through over the past century. After starting out as a theatre, this place is today a full-fledged casino, theatre, bar, restaurant, and more, all rolled into one. No matter what your idea of a night out is, Hippodrome is certain to be just the place to visit. You can visit around to have all sorts of fun, including all of the popular casino UK games as well as slot machines. There are dedicated smoking areas as well as a private terrace area that’s definitely worth a visit.

Drink it out with Hippodrome
You will be amused to find some of the best bars in the city are based right here in Hippodrome. This top casino in UK has as many as 6 bars located around it. So, whether you want a quick drink or want to party all night, you are definitely going to have your fill.

Top restaurants in the city
Hippodrome also happens to have a range of top restaurants. Heliot Steak House specifically is a fan favourite due to its extensive range of steaks that have a unique taste of its own. You can try them all out if you have never had those before to feel the difference yourself. There are plenty of other dishes as well that you can go with.

In-house theatre
A crowd puller on its own, Hippodrome’s in-house theatre has been the pride of this casino UK since a really long time. Over time, the shows here have changed, only to add more flavours for those who really like to feel some late-night excitement. Get your tickets ready in advance and also if you want to get the best seat in the house.


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