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One position in the cost versus value argument for ADUs holds that the total cost of installation — plus whatever you may need to spend for Container House health care professionals to look after sick or disabled relatives — might well be lower than costs for assisted-living or nursing home care, which generally run from $5,000 to $7,000 a month for an individual. There’s a corollary to the total cost argument for ADUs: While you can’t recoup money spent on assisted living or nursing home care, that’s not always the case with an ADU. When you don’t need the space for care, it can be repurposed as a home office, studio, rental unit, guest space or nanny quarters.

Corinne Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Real Estate in Greenfield, Mass., and vice president of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, agrees, but with caveats. “As long as zoning regulations allow and the space can be used for another purpose later, an ‘in-law addition’ is a good investment for families looking for a place to accommodate extended family, such as returning kids or parents.”

Think you can effectively declutter your entire house in one day? Think again! As strange as this might seem, decluttering takes a lot of effort, energy and concentration. Not only are you sorting through and identifying lots of different items, you are making decisions as to what to do with all of your things. Instead of spending hours upon hours decluttering a space or room, work in small increments of time such as 15 or 20 minutes per session. Set a timer if you need to.

It’s not uncommon to become “clutter-blind” or overly accustomed to clutter in a particular space. The clutter has been there for such a long time that you are used it; it starts to seem like it belongs in a particular area of your home! However, once you move a stack of makeup clutter from your bathroom to your living room, it suddenly becomes clear that the clutter doesn’t belong there. Put things in perspective and process clutter from one room in an entirely different room. Collect clutter in a basket, box, bag or other container and move it to another room for processing.

Yet, site-built, stick frame (or conventional) construction even with significant limits when it comes to green building continues to dominate the residential construction market. According to a 2010 Annual Builder Practices Survey by the National Association of Container Houses Builders Research Center, site-built construction owned 82.4 percent of the market.

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