FFXIV Fashion Report -- Republican Medicus' Chiton

This glamour arrived late at the overall Patch 4 rollouts. However, it looks absolutely magnificent FF14 Gil. If any appearance were to invoke spirits of Ancient Greece, it'd be it.

There is something about the appearance that has a scholarly quality to it even with the exposed skin. It may be the intentionally conservative colour that contrasts with the seductive cut. The appearance has quite a clear angelic motif. On top of that, it's more accessories than most. The bracers that look like wings, the golden bronze trim, along with the headdress all give seraphic vibes. Despite all of that, there's a certain unholiness into the lace cloth.

It's easy to imagine this appearance in a classic painting amidst a tangle of limbs. The ruching is just as flattering on male adventurers, swapping bare thigh for leather straps which include an amazing quality. While Final Fantasy 14 is pretty good at ensuring that all characters appear great in glamours, the Medicus collection is a wonder on another degree. What's more, the ease of this outfit is appealing. This could be great at a law stein or even a Renaissance fair, and we evaluate that the duality of this look really high.

These looks are powerful both thematically and sartorially. A lot of the greatest glamours are not obtained through spending real money either. It is possible to earn an outfit through PVP victories, through doing your overall class quests, and ffxiv wiki classes from generally participating in the match's ecosystem. There is a lot that you enjoy if you are a lover of style, and Patch 4 has become a couture enthusiast's dream.

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