EA has released a fresh FIFA 18 update for Xbox One, and PC players, bringing along with it a bunch of gameplay changes, bug fixes, and aesthetic tweaks. Most interestingly, passing will don't be as accurate when passing "blindly" through 90 - 270 degrees through the direction you're facing. That means when you receive the ball and instruct your player to Buy FIFA 19 Coins and give it directly behind just how they're looking, that pass will probably be slower and still have reduced accuracy.

In addition, EA says they have resolved issues where goalkeepers would parry the ball to their own goal, and goalies' diving continues to be improved when facing downward headers and volley shots. Finally, the update includes the previously-announced return of co-op play in FUT Online Seasons.

The patch, dubbed Title Update 3, actually launched on PC a couple weeks ago, but just has just been released. You can take the full patch notes towards the bottom of this article, via EA. A separate FIFA 18 Switch update premiered just recently, bringing much the same set of small improvements and bug fixes.

In other FIFA news, EA says the US national team's failure to qualify for that men's World Cup with the first time since 1986 will never affect the franchise's sales. "The World Cup will be the world's largest sporting event and it's also followed by everybody around the world who love soccer or football, based on FUT 19 Coins they refer to it where they are available from," EA CEO Andrew Wilson said. "Does it heighten their enjoyment if their national team is participating? Of course. But we do not see people stopping watching a World Cup because their team isn't there. As you evaluate the US especially, were a very multicultural country." For more within the popular sports game, have a look at our feature on FIFA 18 vs PES 2018.

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