FIFA 19 New Skill Moves in Ultimate Team

There are about 100 Skill Moves in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. And according to FIFA 19 official site this year 9 new skill moves have been added to Fut 19 but there are more than twice that many new additions in FIFA 19. Some of them are quite difficult to pull off and need a lot of practice but most are straightforward if you are confident at skills already. Now in this guide we will detail you all new skill moves FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 Soul Trap

Soul Trap also is known as the Ribery flick this skill move requires you to use a player with either the special flare trait or 4 stars skill moves. It can only be performed while the ball is in the air and sees your player stroke the ball towards the ground before catching it on the bounce with a strike. All you need to do is to hold L2 of your controller(LT on XBOX) and hold the right stick towards the players running.

Three Touch Roulette in Ultimate Team

It's a great move to use to change your running direction. But it’s execution is a bit more difficult compared to the other new skill moves. All you need to do is holding L2/LT on your controller flicking the right stick towards the players back then pushing it to the left or right.

FIFA 19 Neymar's Rainbow

It’s one of the most spectacular moves in FIFA 19. Neymar is the only player that can pull it off. It doesn't work with any other five stars killer such as FIFA Ronaldo Douglas Costa and so on. So in order to perform the move all you need to do is perform a regular rainbow flick flick the right stick towards the back of the player and then flick it twice towards his running direction. The PSG striker will flick the ball up and over his own head. Bonus points if you can bury the ball in the back of the net as it comes down again.

New Ball Flick FIFA 19

This skill move lifts the ball up into the air but from there it sets you up to unleash a devastating volley towards your opponent’s net. You’ll need a player with a least a 4-star skill rating to pull it off but once you do just click in the right analog stick while in possession of the ball.

FIFA 19 Iniesta Lane Change

Press and hold L1 on your PS4 controller (LB on XBOX) and move the right analog stick to the left or right of your player depending on in which direction you want to travel. Your player will perform an effective fake and shuffle switching direction and flummoxing any defender who stands in your way.

FUT 19 Knee Juggling

While standing start clicking the right stick of your controller then hold the left stick towards the players running direction and keep clicking the right stick before the ball touches the player's knee.

First Touch Move in FUT 19

It’s a quick move that will have you breaking through defense with ease this move sees your player receive a ball control it and then turn into the run of play in one fluid motion.fut 19 coins for sale All you need to do is while the ball is traveling towards the player hold down the R1 RB button of your controller and then hold the left stick to the left or to the right of the player.

FIFA 19 Ball Roll Sombrero Flick

Sombrero Flick is a combination of two existing skill moves which are already in FIFA. It’s execution is pretty simple and the outcome is absolutely amazing. All you need to do is press the right stick of your controller to the left or to the right of the player to do a ball roll. And while doing the moves make sure to click the right stick in order for the player to perform a sombrero flick.

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