FIFA Online 3 team with both high and effective index 2

This is the season Ronaldo has the ability to amazing speed and become the effective drill hole in the left wing corridor. The only minus is only the ability to Buy FIFA 19 Coins slightly cross the Portuguese striker only.

Totti is one of the "holy" in the CAM position for the coaches in FIFA Online 3. This is the model of the mutant with the ability to pass the ball at short or medium distance and is famous for the great shot. uncle. Totti has two most popular versions, 06U and 06WC. Version 06WC has a slightly lower index but the price is much cheaper.

In the position of the striker, you should boldly invest a huge amount of money because this is the main goal scoring, need the players really quality to "team leader". The choice of FUT 19 Coins Game4V is Hernan Crespo 06WC - one of the best independent striker FIFA Online 3.

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