The Behemoth would be the latest creature to locate its way into Monster Hunter World within Capcom's strong post-launch support, following on through the likes from the Deviljho and Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth, and, now, Lunastra, the Empress of Flame.

It must not be long before Capcom shares more information on Final Fantasy XIV Gil Monster Hunter World's free Final Fantasy XIV update, given its summer arrival.Following a disastrous September launch that saw forums stuffed with angry complaints from gamers above the quality with the hotly-anticipated title, Square Enix extended the free trial offer and outlined a raft of improvements meant to win back players.

Now, in the move most will see being an act of desperation, the Japanese company has restructured the FFXIV team, dumped producer Hiromichi Tanaka, considered by many for being the face of Final Fantasy XI and XIV, and drafted in employees off their projects to save the sport.


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