Final Fantasy XIV – Dark Apocalypse Raid Guide 2

There a few younger players, obviously, nonetheless they don’t represent the common player,” continues Yoshida. “That signifies that our audience is fairly well behaved as compared to other MMOs, which isn’t something you may say about lots of free-to-play games. Because they’re free a great deal of FFXIV Gil people just play them or play them in order to misbehave from the world.

“So many players in FFXIV spend playtime with their friends to have the best time as an organization, and we all don’t want that style of misbehaving player interfering as. If those 82% of players in spite of this they didn’t want the overall game to go free-to-play was reversed we would probably change our minds regarding the pricing model, though.”

With things going also as they are today, don’t expect that form of reversal that occur any time soon.At

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