FAnnounced today at Square Enix’s annual Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest, the widely accepted online game’s third expansion, Shadowbringers, is resulting early summer 2019. Expect an expansive story, an elevated level cap and multiple new jobs—including one wielding a gunblade. And did somebody say playable Viera and Blue Mages?

Now that players have freed Ala Mhigo and Doma from the FFXIV Gil Stormblood expansion, now it’s the perfect time to take the fight towards the evil Garlean Empire. What will afflict the Warrior of Light along with the allied armies? Who are the mysterious Ascians who are messing with players considering that the game launched? Who is the Warrior of Darkness? These questions will likely be answered inside the new expansion.

Well, one are going to be answered in patch 4.5, where we’ll determine why the Warrior of Light have to take a darker path


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