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went on to FIFA Coins explain that at the rate that mobile devices are growing and how far their processing power has come in the last few years, it won't be long until they are more powerful than even the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So when you have VR hardware that's getting better every year and mobile processing power that's getting better every year, it won't be too many years before you can get a much better experience than a console in a headset that has everything built into it and is

cheaper than a console. While this may disappoint those who were hoping to enjoy the Oculus Rift on trove how to get flux their next-gen consoles there is some respite. All indications show that Sony is indeed working on their own virtual reality headset and it isn't too hard to imagine Microsoft being on their tails. VR is about to come back in a big way and major publishers are unlikely to want to miss a bite at the cherry.Are you excited for VR gaming? Do you think it could be the future of gaming?

us know, down below. Soure: TechRadar Sony: The PlayStation 4 Has Learned from The PS3's Mistakes. Although the Wii U was released a full year ago, many gamers will consider this Friday, November 15, the real kickoff of the next generation of consoles. The PS4 will be in stores by the end of the week and the Xbox One will arrive just a few days later on November 22.After comparing the new consoles side-by-side and weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a console

its launch, many consumers will be ready to shell out four or five hundred dollars for a new machine this holiday season. According to Sony, shoppers that decide on a PS4 will end up going home with the most powerful video game console ever created. A title the manufacturer claims didn't come to it easily.That bold claim, made by PS4 architect Mark Cerny in an interview with Polygon, was backed up by an argument that Sony has learned some valuable lessons from the missteps of

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