Racing games haven't had a especially good period of it this Christmas (thus far), but Gran Turismo might be the big one. Sony's most successful games franchise on FIFA 19 Coins for sale market leading console is potentially a major deal, along with the reviews are already positive.

Outside of their, it may well not look as though there's much taking place for it, there is however. Expect Sony to waste big on promotional activity and discounts around its VR headset, and there's PlayLink... the one thing we all forgot was announced at E3. This is usually a major play to Buy FUT 19 Coins the family by Sony this Christmas, so we should anticipate some activity around that, too.

Overall, it isn't so much about new launches this Christmas for Sony, but taking the considerable assets it's already and being aggressive by using it . Here's a fact from GfK's reports: the game sales are up but almost 10% this current year. The market could be declining overall, although not this part with the business.

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