gsm cdma 3g 4g portable cell phone jammer best function

The portable cell phone jammer are designed to be imported with imported IC and independent r&d, especially for a small set of places at home and abroad that require security and secrecy, like a machine, a conversation room, a moving vehicle, a moving political and business business.
According to the actual situation of mobile communication at home and abroad, a successful high-tech product can be successfully developed within the radius of 0.5 to 15m (usually about 5-80 square meters). It can block GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS/3G/4G cell phone signal (enhanced can block GPS signal), so that the cell phone in the area can not be typed and answered without interfering with the work of other electronic devices in the environment. When the phone is away from the shield, it can be returned to normal use.
Machine with convenient concealment, small size, light weight, weighing only 150 grams; Simple operation, low power consumption, only 0.5 W/h, operation up to 2-3 hours; Most of nokia's chargers can be used for charging. It is a truly green and environmentally friendly hand-held shield.

TDD it in mobile phone system has channel, using the frequency doubling, frequency division, such as frequency hopping filtering technology, analysis the need of shielding frequency; By the power of the jammers, a spherical shielding space is designed to block out the magnetic field, and it automatically blocks the magnetic field, allowing the mobile phones to be used to make mobile phones, including PHS, the PHS, the gsm jammer, the China mobile, and the CDMA - China telecom, the phone has been disabled in this space. Blockers are in a state of work, can make the mobile phone to send and receive signals within a specified range function failure, unable to set aside and dial in, so as to achieve the purpose of mandatory disable.

Handheld Jammer GSM 3G 4G LTE Blocker Jamming WiFi GPS Lojack
1, English grade exam, college entrance examination, examination, adult test all sorts of examinations such as classroom cell phone signal shielding;

2, party and government organs, enterprises need a secret meeting space, etc.;

3. Courts, detention facilities and small and medium-sized prisons;

4. Inflammable and explosive places such as gas stations, oil depot and oil fields;

5. All places that prohibit the use of mobile phones;

Want to prevent commercial secrets leaked out, and when the meeting want to prevent the vehicle was found by other lenders, pledge? Some people have a small mind, using the mobile communication jammer to block the mobile phone signal in a certain range.
As mobile phone permeates every corner of life, people's dependence on mobile phone is getting higher and higher. In some scenarios, there are also people who want to block cell phone signals, and blocking the phone signal is "very simple" at the moment. The press is on the baidu search interface, entering the search of mobile jammers, out of tens of thousands of messages, many of which are advertised on the Internet, and the price ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the range, and also on the site of The reporter was at random with a seller and was said to be able to purchase a mobile communication jammer in their place without any paperwork to ensure that the expected jamming effect was achieved.

The working principle of the jammer is also relatively simple, which is to use the technology of frequency, frequency division and frequency hopping filter of the electromagnetic frequency covered by the mobile signal, and to analyze the required shielding frequency. When the mask is in the working state, a spherical shielding space can be customized according to the high power jammer size of the shielding meter, so that the mobile phone in this space can not be received and exhaled, thus achieving the purpose of compulsory disabled cell phone.

This should be the smallest cellphone signal jammer in the world! With the size of a standard cigarette case, jammer can easily disguised himself, and shall not affect the other electronic equipment working conditions, within a certain range to GSM, DCS, PHS, and 3 g and other common mobile phone signals completely partition. Without the need to install the corresponding software and auxiliary equipment, you can create a clean and free mobile phone call interference space within 10 meters.

Mobile phone jammers have been widely misused in society in recent years. This is a brief analysis of the work of the cell phone jammer and the interference of the mobile traffic network, and in conjunction with the fact that it's a practical distraction, it's a good idea to make a good sense of the serious damage that the cell phone jammer can do to the mobile phone network and the air wave order.
In recent years, some units in the society have developed, produced and installed mobile phone jammers (also called mobile phone blockers, venue purifiers, conference information security machines, etc.). This is a signal jamming device that can transmit strong interference signals in the spectrum of mobile communication (GSM/DCS/CDMA) to interrupt the mobile communication cell phone and the base station. Although set up this kind of equipment, realize the goal of banning cell phones in public places, but at the same time, is the interference of mobile communication network, disturb the order of the air waves for heavy price, is a kind at the expense of the overall benefits for the practice of local interest, the state administrative department of radio has banned this practice. As you know, since radio waves are free to travel in the air, using radio waves to interfere with mobile traffic, it's impossible to do strictly enough to interfere with a specific space without affecting the mobile network.

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