None on the series' comeback stories have already been quite so sweet, either, and Yoshida perhaps deserves a place alongside Cloud, Squall and Zidane as one of Final Fantasy's greatest heroes. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, launched in 2013, did over revitalise the MMO; it added up towards the best Final Fantasy within a generation.

Ever since then, with expansions for instance Heavensward and, lately, Stormblood, it's only gone from FFXIV Gil strength to strength, sitting at some millions of players - just two million short from the 12 million subscribers World of Warcraft enjoyed at its peak, along with the closest any MMO comes to those dizzy heights. Not that there wasn't struggle along the route.

"When I took on the project your situation wasn't exceptional," says Yoshida. "Many people didn't think we can easily do it. It would have been a step by step approach - like should you build a bridge, you practice it stone by stone.


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