How to Fix Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection

It can be really aggravating when you are all set to use the Amazon Echo device and find out that the device hasn’t been connected to the Wi-Fi connection. And to add to that, what you notice is that the Amazon echo keeps on losing the connection every now and then, even after you have tried multiple attempts. The Amazon Echo keeps on connecting and disconnecting again and again. It becomes really crucial to target this issue and just eradicate it completely. A way to check whether the device has been connected to the Wi-Fi connection is that you can see a power LED at the bottom of the Amazon Echo. If it shows white light, then it means the device is connected and orange light shows no connection. The ways to fix this issue has been explained in this blog. Read it till the end, apply them and then contact the Amazon echo alexa customer care if required.Here are some of the ways that you can try to deal with the error and check whether they work or not. Give a check to the Wi-Fi once: Sometimes, there can be issues with the Wi-Fi connection and not with Amazon Echo. Try connecting other devices to the Wi-Fi connection. If they also do not connect, then you need to first fix the issues with the signals and connectivity. Restarting both the devices: Switch off the Echo device and also the Wi-Fi modem and router. Switch them again after 30-40 seconds. Switch on the Wi-Fi bottom at the bottom of Amazon Echo and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection. Try shifting the devices from their position: It may sound a little funny but sometimes electronic devices such as AC, ovens, computers can cause interference in the signals with the Wi-Fi. Try connecting the modem and router to a place far away from these devices and then check whether the issue has been resolved or not. Make the Amazon Echo sit very close to the Wi-Fi router. Factory reset of Amazon Echo: This approach should be taken if nothing works. You can reset the Amazon echo device and start using the device from scratch. For factory reset, you need to press the small hole at the bottom of the device with the help of a paper clip and keep it steady till the light ring turns on and turns off back again. As soon as you see that the light has turned orange, you are ready to reset. Open the Alexa app and follow the prompts for the factory reset.Losing internet connections while you are using any device can be really frustrating. With Amazon Echo device, these fixes can work. And if these methods do not work, then just indulge with the customer executives at Amazon Echo Alexa support number and avail their services at any time of the day.Read more - Echo Show supportSource URL: Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection
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