How to Fix Quickbooks Error 1722

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 1722


QuickBooks accounting software has made the task of small and large businesses easily by providing them a single platform to manage and organize their payroll, expenses, paychecks, salary and much more. Like all other software’s this financial software is also vulnerable to errors which can be difficult to resolve at times. In the scenario like this users have the option to opt the help from QuickBooks customer support number which can be reached throughout the day without fail.


How to resolve the QuickBooks error 1722 is an error which makes the windows run slowly and frequent freezing can be witnessed. The symptoms which can be confronted are:

  1. PC and active windows program will frequently crash
  2. Your system will be slow and will take time to respond to the command given
  3. Freezing of the system will be noticed

The possible reasons which can lead to this error are listed below:

  1. Associated files and folders are deleted or removed
  2. Corrupt and incomplete installation of QuickBooks
  3. Due to malicious malware and viruses
  4. Corrupted windows registry files

This run-time error can be caused due to a variety of factors and thus it is recommended to fix the issue as soon as possible in order to prevent it from recurring again and again. Users can resolve this by choosing a Windows Restore point that is the best possible time when your system was running fine.

System Restore:

  • Enter ‘System Restore’ in the search bar and then click on the option for system restore
  • After entering the Admin password, follow the onscreen instruction to choose the restore point, the time when your system and QuickBooks was running error free.
  • Restore the system and then restart the PC to complete the process


Make sure to the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Run Disk Clean up to remove temporary internet files
  • Update device driver, Windows OS and, make sure clean and complete installation is done of these
  • Scan your system for malicious program
  • Reinstall the QB

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If these steps do not work out for you then try reaching out to QuickBooks technical support number who are available all day long round the clock irrespective of location. The professionals will eliminate the error quickly by giving a complete and long-lasting solution.


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