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McAfee is a security software that deals with the protection of computers against virus and malware attacks. It is an all-round protection software that not only protects the computer from external and internal threats but also helps to protect the user’s identity and safeguards your private life by securing and safeguarding important files, pictures, data or documents. It is user friendly antivirus because of the amazing features and services offered by McAfee. It protects the users from hacking and has anti-phishing features that block unwanted and unnecessary spam emails and websites. Users around the world have enjoyed and appreciated this security software and all the amazing features that come along with it.

Steps for installing and registering McAfee Window Security Products

The popularity of this software have been escalating tremendously and this is why there have been many new subscribers or customers who are willing to purchase this product. But many of them after purchasing this have had problems regarding the McAfee windows security product, to understand and installing this product contact to McAfee Technical Support Number. Customers want to know how they could install and register a retail McAfee windows security product on their own. If you are one of these customers then you have come to the right place. Given below are some of the steps required to execute the process by adopting the method of installing using the CD that comes with the purchase of McAfee security:

 Insert the McAfee security CD into the CD drive in your computer.

 Make sure to read and agree to the ‘End User License Agreement’.

 During the initiation of the installation process, you might be asked to input some information.

 If the CD does not support the versions of your web browser and operating system the newest version of the software will be downloaded during the installation process.

 You will be shown a window box where you will be asked to put the product key from your CD.

 When it is asked, enter your McAfee username and password and continue.

If you have followed the listed steps accordingly then you would have successfully installed and registered your McAfee windows security product. To know more feature always take consultant with McAfee Customer Service Number.

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