Recently, news on the iPhone 6 screen replacement nightmare for Apple fans becomes one of hot spots. Such as iPhone 6 mobile phone screen accidentally broken, the replacement is difficult to detect through the system, so that had to spend more money to replace the screen. This is the embarrassment that some people encountered in Chengdu when asking for repairing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus mobile phone. The current third party repair prices of iPhone 6 and 6 plus screen replacement are 788 Yuan and 948 Yuan, but first need to pass Apple's official website booking application.

After application is successfully accepted screen replacement still need to pass the system test, but the new generation of Apple phones have high request on the screen, so that the system detection rate is very low. To iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone, for example, usually among 10 mobile phones for screen replacing only two can pass detection by the system. And if fail to pass the test, you need to pay more 2388 Yuan, to replace a brand new iPhone 6 Plus phone.

Cell Phone Age com said that since the iPhone 6 to market, even if the Apple fans put forward a lot of questions and comments (such as easy to bend, the phone is easy to hair or beard, etc.), but the iPhone 6 by virtue of its touch, grip and system intelligence Or won the user's favor. In fact, on the protection of the phone screen problems, posted on the protective screen can be resolved, even if the fall, it is also a price to protect a protective screen, protective screen and then expensive, more than 2,000 Yuan to a new one to be cheaper it However, the problem is that the current market, almost all of the protection screen cannot do all covered iPhone 6 surface screen, which led to the edge of the screen exposed, once the impact, it is very easy to lead to the entire screen rupture, this is to let iPhone 6 users Headache. In fact, since the iPhone 6 listed, there are three or four months’ time, but now very few protection screens can do full coverage, as it seems that this is really a technological work.

But then, Cell Phone Age com will tell you how to stay away from the iPhone 6 for the nightmare of the screen. In fact, Chris Cui bought iPhone 6 a month later also experienced trauma. At that time not only to fall on their own, the screen is not fall like, but the fall is not the iPhone 6 screen, but the whole package of peacock screen eye protection screen, which can save a lot of money for the author. It is said that this peacock screen is the only one on the market can do all-inclusive protective screen, using a gorilla material and imported from Japan NIPPA glue. After the use of professionals to verify, it can really cover the iPhone6 surface screen, and the edge part of a seemingly called PMMA material, there is a good flexibility, can buffer the edge impact force.

The advantage of this peacock screen is to cover the iPhone 6 screen, a good protection of the edge of the screen, not easy to gray, anti-impact, scratch, and the only drawback is that you cannot use the original Apple shell, because once the use of shell, then Will be the edge of the protective screen tilt (but it is said that the recent Peacock screen has been listed on a full-size eye protection, specifically for the need to install the shell of the Apple Users designed).

This peacock screen price is also a little high, according to the general consumer habits, usually is to buy 80 Yuan or so. This is the first peacock screen is also a friend to send, or to send the eye screen, and do not say this screen is the only one can cover my home iPhone 6 plus surface screen, just its eye effect let me feel very Is delighted. Often look at the phone's fruit powder should feel long-term dry eyes, and the author spent a period of time peacock screen eye protection, the obvious feeling of dry eyes have been improved, even if a long time staring at the phone, the eyes also Do not feel strange. This is probably because the principle of this peacock screen can block the phone screen to send out the harmful light it. Based on this eye effect, in the first screen to sacrifice their own to protect the author's iPhone 6, I decisively own money to buy a second peacock screen eye protection screen.

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