How to recover hotmail account

The most officially used account is outlook account and when it comes to its recovery that is of hotmail account recovery then you need a perfect way to do it. Don’t worry I have the perfect steps to recover hotmail account. You just have to simply follow them without putting a lot of efforts.

Open your outlook app and then you have to tap on the button skip
Then your email id will be asked enter it and then enter the password.
In the password entering page you have to enter the option of forgotten my password.
And there you will find that there will be three options in the radio button choice click on the first option ” I’ve forgotten my password”
After that tap on next, further you will be asked to enter the captcha that is been displayed.
Once you have entered the captcha tap on next.
You will be next asked to enter your recovery email and it will conform to you whether you have access to it where they can send you the recovery code tap send code
Then the code you have received must be typed in the asked column.
Then click on next, where you will be taken to the password setting page.
And there you have to enter the new password that must be minimum of 8 characters and it is case sensitive so make sure you note down the password and never forget it again and again.
Then finally tap on next, and you will be taken back to the outlook home page.
Hence you can recover hotmail account using above steps

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