How to save money on replacement for iPhone 6 plus


Once released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus successfully captured Apple fans and quasi-Apple followers and even many Android fans was deeply impressed. After all, for the appearance of Apple, although again and again some people were disappointed by no creativity, you have to admit the big screen iPhone lethality is huge. But at the same time the big screen also brings a higher risk of broken and cracked, which also makes a lot of users’ troublesome. Today Cell Phone Age com will send you a guide for the screen replacing.

First look at the iPhone 6 plus the broken screen situation: the upper right corner of the bumps lead to local rupture of glass, followed by changes in the whole glass stress to the lower left corner, there is cracked, crack line extended to the Home key edge to stop. The inner screen intact touch and display effect is not affected, which be a better condition in broken screen cases.

Found that although the iPhone 6 plus screen is broken, but the touch is still useful. But because the fragmentation is indeed more serious and sometimes there is even glass ballast, there is the risk of scratching finger. Of course, what you first should do is to keep quite calm, and then Cell Phone Age did a comprehensive analysis of how to repair the phone. I believe most people's first intuition is to search in Internet about the price of iPhone 6 plus screen replacement, or to the mobile phone repair shop to find someone to recover a new screen, because in most people’s impression because of personal causes damage, the cost to find the official replacement is very high, and sometimes even enough to buy a new, and believe that this is also one of the reasons of a lot of people not prefer to official maintenance.

It is noteworthy that Apple's control of their own channels is very strict, especially the dealer's price and spare parts. Apple ever before has stated on the market the circulation of Apple's spare parts are not official authentic. It is clear that the price is not cheap and cannot guarantee that is genuine, so the risk is too great. In fact, taking into account the price of the unofficial products, I think what these users first should consider is the whole warranty problem. If momently because of cheap and choose an unofficial components and maintenance, then the quality problems are difficult to defend, and In terms of price it is not easy to say which is cheap and what is expensive.

Another person said to find a shop for replacing a new iPhone 6 plus screen, before the touch is already determined as no problem, but it need to be clear that these so-called repair shops who claim to be able to change the screen separately actually even has no dust-free workshop, and the level of technology is not guaranteed. The If you go to the unauthorized repair shop, then the price and the phone's "security" are really also not yet guaranteed. So it looks like to ask for help from offline business for the screen required to take a lot of risk, and the price did not imagine the cost-effective.

Then we look at the official situation, but from the price side, the invoice and the price of 948 RMB, of course, I do not know is to replace the screen assembly or how, but in accordance with the terms of the warranty should be the total screen Into, but also in the official store after-sales maintenance, I think this "trading" is clearly more cost-effective. But the need to note that the price is based on the different maintenance of the region will have a small change, but not too much, so the 948 RMB is only a reference price.

If the business can be screened on the screen are basically after the pressure screen, after the pressure screen as a result of manual operation, some errors will occur, such as BM area paste missing, specifications are deviated, but from the use of the basic sense of the difference between the two. But the size of the pressure screen or the original pressure screen, the business will be sold in the form of screen assembly to you, so think of a very cheap way to buy a new screen, it is necessary to bypass this step, directly to the business to your screen Press the new screen.

Some dealers often choose to replace the iPhone 6 plus screen assembly, rather than outside a layer of glass, or low-cost replacement. The reason is very simple, they can manually remove the broken screen and then use a new piece of glass, after it a piece of intact screen was born, and then sold at high prices. Here there are two new words: after the pressure screen and the original pressure screen. Give you broken screen pressure on the ordinary glass layer called after the pressure screen, give you pressure on the original gorilla glass screen called the original pressure screen.

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