download AOL desktop GoldEach person uses the internet differently. There are certain websites that you may visit more frequently than others, perhaps even daily, like your email or a particular social media platform. Or imagine that you read an interesting article or post on a particular website and you want to access it later on. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could access these websites with just one click rather than go through the whole charade of typing the web address and searching for it? Well, in that case, AOL Desktop Gold has just the thing for you. AOL Favorites is a neat feature of AOL Desktop Gold that allows you to save web pages or websites that you like or that you use frequently. It basically works as a conventional bookmark helps you to easily access all your favourite websites without having to manually type the web address in the search bar. This article gives you a general idea about how to use and manage your Favorites in AOL Desktop Gold. If you want more information on AOL Favorites you can call the AOL Desktop Gold download Team on the websiteHow to save a Favorites place in AOL Desktop Gold?If there is a particular website that you visit frequently you can follow the steps mentioned below to save in your AOL Favorites folder.1. Open your AOL Desktop browser and go to the site you want to add.2. You will notice a small heart icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window.3. Click on the icon and select the option to ‘Add to Favorites’4. Select an appropriate folder and save the linkOnce your favourites are saved you can organize and classify them into different folders for the sake of convenience. For example, you can club all your social media favourites in one single folder called “Social” or you could club for movies and music websites in a folder called “Entertainment”.How to add and edit Favorites in AOL Desktop Gold?Adding favourites to your AOL account is very simple. Just follow the steps given below:• Open your browser, log in to your AOL account and access the AOL Favorites• Next, to the “Favorites” header you will see a small (+) icon, click on it.• Enter the following information in the fields provided• TITLE:The name you want to give the Favorite.• URL:The URL of the website.• LOCATION:Which folder you want to place the favouritesWhen you complete the form review the details you entered and click “Add Favorite.” Once you receive confirmation that your Favorite is added you can go to the AOL Favorites page to check if it is available. To edit your AOL Favorite list you just need to click on the small pencil icon next to the name.If you have any difficulty with AOL Favorites you can call the AOL Desktop Gold and ask for technical assistance. Whatever the issue, a team of trained professionals are available 24 hours a day to help you overcome any AOL related error.SOURCE URl: MAY ALSO READ THIS: latest Aol Desktop Gold Software Download Link
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