Kareem Hunt Has Been Totally Removed From Madden 19

Kansas City Chiefs star running back, Kareem Hunt has been totally removed in the NFL as well as the virtual NFL as well, since EA Sports said the operating back is becoming eliminated in the Madden 19 video game. The publisher Electronic Arts confirmed to Polygon on Tuesday.

Madden NFL 19 is phasing out Kareem Hunt. Soon after TMZ posted a video on the former Kansas City Chiefs operating back assaulting a lady, Hunt was swiftly dropped by his team. Now EA Sports is removing the digital version of Hunt in the most current Madden coins games. Hunt is becoming removed from the major game, the mobile game Madden Overdrive plus the card-based Ultimate Team mode.

"We are in the course of action of removing Kareem Hunt in the Madden NFL 19 roster, Madden Overdrive, and Madden Ultimate Team," an EA Sports representative told TMZ.

Anybody who has Hunt on their ultimate team list will get an alternative player who has the exact same statistics.

Removing players from Madden just isn't unprecedented. EA also wiped Aaron Hernandez and Ray Rice from Madden soon after their very own assault charges emerged. Rice was removed after video emerged of him punching his then-fiancee, even though Hernandez was dropped following he was charged with murder.

TMZ released a video on last Friday displaying Hunter assaulting a lady inside a hotel in February. Soon after the video appeared, the Chiefs removed Hunt from their roster and no team has picked him up.

EA Sports also discovered itself inside the midst of controversy this year, when the rape investigation of FIFA 19 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo was reopened.

Now, Hunt is hoping individuals will forgive him. We sincerely hope that this type of items will no longer taking place to other EA Sports players. Then we can safely invest in mut 19 coins and play Madden 19 video game.

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