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But North and Friedmann pointed out that merely having a favorable gene -- whether for athleticism or any other trait -- doesn't guarantee that gene will express itself in the desired way. A specific combination of many gene variants, in addition to training, environment and attitude, really make up the complex phenotype that is the elite athlete, North said.This isn't the first time cancer specialists have banned
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The study surveyed 881 female college students. They were asked questions about their Facebook use within the past month, including how often they visited the site, how long they typically spent there and what their favorite activities were.What we did was to chart the use of high notes in small subsets of his compositions [excerpts of string quartets], speculating that if one is unabl
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The study involved 1,500 patients with heart disease from 98 hospitals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel and Japan during a two-year period that ended in October 2011. All of the patients received either an ICD or another type of defibrillator called a CRT-D made by Boston Scientific, the company that sponsored the study.The importance of this new study is its scope, lead investiga
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