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Some theories abound that people who lose their jobs pay less overall attention to their health, Fonarow added. Less access to health care among the jobless may also play a role, as could a related excess in drinking, a return to smoking, exercising less, or eating less healthfully, he said. So the more insight we can get into this the better, because it's obviously a complex situation with many
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If they (employers) have already decided to offer (coverage), then the mandate really had no effect. If they didn't offer (coverage), it may have an effect, he said. The real important thing is that with the individual mandate, workers are going to be pushing employers to offer coverage.In a new study, North Carolina State University researchers gathered genetic information from dogs with non
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Cole found that the study participants believed there are certain times when managers should take action over office romances. These include: when the performance of co-workers is hindered; when the workplace environment is tainted; when negative emotion from a breakup affects the workplace; and when there's a romance between a manager and employee in the same department.In healthy brain tissue, he said, a few stem cells e
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Recent genetic studies have implicated variants of several genes controlling immunity with increased Alzheimer's disease risk. These new results warrant a closer look in larger populations, Cole said.But both diets are more stringent than the MIND diet, Morris said. The Mediterranean diet, for example, requires eating fish daily and three to four servings of both fruits and veget
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This is an opportunity to capture the value that we've created in developing and launching the EDARBI family of products while positioning us to optimize our commercial resources to support our recent and anticipated launches of new products, said Douglas Cole, president, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. We are pleased to entrust the EDARBI family in the United States to Arbor who will continue to ensure
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The extended CE mark which now includes the conformal bone system and new indications such as osteoid osteoma, facet joint denervation and other bone tumors ablation is another major milestone in our quest to extend this non-invasive innovative therapy to additional patient populations, said Dr. Kobi Vortman, CEO and founder of InSightec. The clinical results have been very encouragin
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Commenting on the study, Alzheimer's disease expert Greg M. Cole, a neuroscientist at the Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System and associate director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Center at the University of California Los Angeles, said that most of my clinician colleagues are not very impressed with the efficacy of memantine in mild to moderate Alzheimer's dis
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Ultimately we may be in position in a few months time where we don't know whether this vaccine is effective in humans, he added. But it is important to get answers if we can -- if not for this outbreak, for future outbreaks. We need to be prepared.Five minutes after the participants looked at the images, half were given 200 milligrams of caffeine and half received a placebo. They returned 24 hours later, after the caffeine was out of their system, and
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Yet, some studies have suggested some kids with ADHD benefit from an elimination, also known as a hypoallergenic, diet. But that typically means forgoing cow's milk, cheese, wheat cereal, eggs, chocolate, nuts and citrus foods, which can be tough on the child and on the family, said study author Dr. J. Gordon Millichap, a professor emeritus at Northwestern University Medical School and neurologist at Children's Memor
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