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common mode choke coil is commonly used in switching power supply components, because of its current, voltage phase is different, so the theoretical loss is zero. Inductors are often energy storage components, often used together with the capacitor in the input filter and output filter circuit, used to smooth the current. Inductors are also known as chokes, which are characterized by the "current inertia" of the current flowing through them. In other words, due to the continuous flux characteris

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How to change the inductance of inductor?

Adjustable common mode choke coil is a commonly used inductor device, now more use of iron core and line combination method to adjust the inductance of the inductor, there are three commonly used methods.

1, saturated inductance method

Saturated inductance method requires the inductor on the core around the two windings: one is the working winding, alternating current; the other is the control winding, through the DC. By changing the size of the DC in the control winding to change the saturation o

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Method of Using Common Mode Choke For Signal Line

Offset Improvement Function of common mode chokes for Signal Line

The purpose of using the common mode choke coil in the signal line is to eliminate the

common mode noise. Since the common mode choke coil is the application element of the

transformer, it is possible to expect the offset improvement function of the differential

transmission circuit. In the differential transmission circuit, the two lines are

designed to balance the state is the best, but due to manufacturing imbalance caused by

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XP Power has developed a power inductor for automotive power circuits and will start mass production in August 2015.

In recent years, electronic control units (ECUs) have been increasing with the development of automotive electronics, and power inductors have been used in these power circuits. The company has developed a highly efficient and highly reliable common mode chokes power inductor that can support a wide temperature range of -55 ° C to + 150 ° C and is able to withstand harsh environmen

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In the internal structure of the computer power supply, we often see some winding coil, most consumers will know that this is the inductance. But how does the inductor work? I believe many consumers are not very clear. In fact, the inductor is a closed loop in the property, when the closed-loop current changes, the inductor will produce electromotive force to resist the current changes, this is also called self-inductance. While the inductance of the induction effect will make another inductor t

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