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Preferably t5 vet/elite Albion dungeons

We did two T6 necro portals back to back a couple days ago. We weren't able to finish either portal dungeon before the 2 hour timer was up, but still made 70k fame in 4 hours of grinding. (the last 2 hours without any food buffs)

It's a lot more fun than 5-manning a T7 solo dungeon, although that still remains the best fame per hour, hands down. And it's a lot more fame than the T6 blue vet morgana dungeons, which (while super fun and super challenging) provide very low fame returns, creating a v

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The same TZ or country in Albion Online

In a project with any longevity your roster numbers are way higher than numbers of people which can actually join a guild-wide activity at any given time. To give an example in EVE online its considered very good result if 10% of your alliance systematically join Call-To-Arms fleet with Albion Online Silver. Most alliances will not ever reach participation this high. Anything higher is prerogative of maybe select few elite groups, or just not sustainable at all. The reasons for this situation is

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According to the publisher NCSoft, in this open beta, the level cap will be increased to level 45, with 7 professions and 30 dungeons available. The NA/EU server of Blade and Soul is set to launch its Open Beta in January 18, 2016. This open bns power leveling beta will be available for the regions of England, France, Germany and USA.

If you want to try the open beta ahead of the others, you can now purchase the Founder's Pack. There are 3 kinds of Founder's Pack, which are Initiate Pack($24.99),

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During a median follow-up of 1.2 years, 124 study participants died. That included nearly 18 percent of patients with low health literacy and 6 percent of patients with adequate health literacy, the researchers found.She offered her own theories on the findings. Those who marry before completing college may be more 'settled' at an earlier age, with a less active lifestyle that is simply carri
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