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HMI EXT User Manual V.1.01 5/17/2006 First version HMI EXT User Manual V.1.02 2/14/2007 Screen and text updates throughout manual HMI EXT User Manual V.1.03 10/12/2007 Updates throughout manual . E Electro Industries/GaugeTech Doc # E134727 v Magelis Small Panels HMI STO User Manual 09/2012. 2 EIO0000000239 09/2012 The information provided in this documenta tion contains general descriptions and/or

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Is HMI Computer software the proper Option for you?

Most instances, the answer is determined by your requires. If you want necessary awareness of what exactly is going on at the plant floor operations, you have to be as effective as you possibly can. You'd like to possess a solution which will meet compliance and regulatory needs together with becoming a cost successful answer that may be scalable upon your requires, and not some force fed application supplying that you must get. If any vendor tells you that you will have to obtain packages that

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