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Let This Summer Be Cool and Relaxing!

Buy AC Online and make your hot days more chill and special. The AC Price with us is very affordable and you can purchase with us the best inverter split ac too at budget-friendly prices. AC Online Shopping is made very easy and reliable with us. To get the most branded and the best split ac at the best prices you can visit us. We also offer our customers with the best inverter ac. From now on, you need not worry about summer, because we have special brands o

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You may have noticed that your pool level will decrease after a hot day. This is the evaporation we know. It may seem harmless, but the energy lost by evaporation may mean more money to fly away from the pocket. Evaporation obviously removes moisture from the pool. "">Save your energy costs with a full inverter pool heat pump.

In addition to this, evaporation also removes heat from the pool. Evaporation can result in up to 70% energy loss, which can affect the heat in the pool. If you are running

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Pool heating system - inverter pool heat pump

Inverter pool heat pump technology is an energy technology. Heat pump technology is an energy-saving, environmentally-friendly heating technology. It uses a refrigerant as a medium, heats it by compression of a compressor, and then exchanges heat with water through a heat exchanger to heat the water.

This product overcomes the shortcomings of solar water heaters relying on solar heating and inconvenient installation. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, and the same am

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Is your swimming pool still using a single speed pool pump? Have you considered replacing the variable speed pool pump? Do you want to continue to use the single speed pool pump due to cost? That pool pump frequency inverter is your choice.

Single speed pool pumps can only be operated at a fixed speed, and often the operating power cannot be changed according to actual needs at different stages. This will inevitably lead to waste of energy. The birth of the pool pump frequency inverter has comple

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Thermostatic pool and inverver pool heat pump

Thermostatic swimming pool, as the name suggests, is a swimming pool where the water temperature is always within a certain range. Pool heat pump is a necessary equipment for a thermostatic swimming pool, and an inverter pool heat pump is a good choice.

Thermostatic swimming pool is divided into an outdoor thermostatic swimming pool and an indoor thermostatic swimming pool. The heating method and heating system design method are the same. The main difference is that the outdoor swimming pool is m

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Happiness in swimming pool

What is happiness? There's a lot of understanding, maybe for some people, happiness can be a dinner, a cotton coat, a roof. Perhaps happiness is a hug, a smile, a truth. Perhaps happiness is a harmony, a lifetime of company, never leaving. Happiness may be holding a pair of hands that want to hold hands, together through the bustling city, together waiting for lonely lonely. It is to accompany a person who wants to accompany, laugh together when happy, cry together when sad.

Perhaps the scenery a
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The function of fuse in inverter design

The fuse’s function is to protect the power inverter. Short circuit or other malfunction cause by wrong connect and reverse connect when using power inverter. Among them reverse connect and shot connect is mostly cause power inverter manufacturers damage to inverter. So, normally how much power inverter need external fuse terminal? Power just below 1000w won’t with external fuse terminal. The inverter power greater than 1000w no matter pure sine wave inverter or modified sine wave inverter all w

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