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While this initial intervention has proved to be efficacious, we need to use established skin evaluation methods, identify early tissue changes and test additional interventions to reduce harm from medical devices, Visscher said. The unanticipated increase in pressure ulcers from pulse oximeters indicates that new products must be evaluated before widespread use.Swimmer's ear, formal
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The connection between divorce and suicidal ideation was particularly strong for men who grew up in families with childhood stressors, such as physical abuse, parental addiction and parental unemployment.The study reminds us of the importance of screening all patients for signs and symptoms of depression, said Dr. Lawrence Phillips, an assistant professor in the department of medicine at NYU Langone Medi
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Time of arrival is a key to getting that treatment within that window, the study shows. While one in four patients arriving in the golden hour got tPA, only one in eight arriving one to three hours after stroke onset got the drug, and virtually none arriving later than that got the treatment.This boost in academic performance was due to mastication-induced arousal, which lasted for about
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The researchers looked at the patients' door-in to door-out (DIDO) time, the time between their arrival at and transfer from the first hospital to the second hospital where they underwent the procedures.There are a vast number of websites where patients can obtain cancer information, study leader Dr. Yaacov Lawrence, adjunct assistant professor of radiation oncology at Jefferson Med
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