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The dose of the drug was almost always reported in the articles, but only 43 percent reported what premedication was necessary, and only 42 percent provided details about adjusting dosages if the therapy proved toxic to patients.This study suggests a link between PTSD and cardiovascular health, lead researcher Dr. Viola Vaccarino, a professor in the department of medicine at Emory University
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Co-senior author Dr. Pedro del Nido, chief of cardiac surgery at Boston Children's Hospital, said that the new surgical glue addresses all of the drawbacks of previous systems in that it works in the presence of blood and moving structures.Dr. Yosef Krespi, director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, cautioned that while sleep apnea may not cause cancer, it is a serious condition t
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Age-related height loss is normal, but that loss can be increased by certain health conditions, including arthritis, inflammation of spine joints or the bone disease osteoporosis. Previous research has shown that these health conditions are associated with lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise and smoking, the study authors noted.TUESDAY Nov. 15, 2011 -- A novel treatment known as whole-body vibr
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The profile of these [depressed] athletes seems to be a little different than the average population that has depression, Didehbani said. Instead of the sad and pessimistic feelings that are often associated with depression, the athletes tend to experience symptoms such as fatigue, lack of sex drive and sleep changes.The researchers also found that 5 percent of ultrarunners were hospitalized after a competitive event in the p
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