Madden 19 1.12 Update Patch Notes

Don’t go expecting big things in the Madden 19 1.12 update. Sure, you could baulk in the 4 GB download size, nevertheless the new Madden update is extremely much a clear case of refining the gridiron experience, not reinventing the thrilling excitment that comes with it. Small changes to Draft Day in MUT 19 Coins Franchise mode, a generous helping of the latest player likenesses and also some pesky bug fixes will be the name with the game within the Madden 19 1.12 update patch notes.

Draft Day is often the most significant time for teams, player-controlled or otherwise not. However, the AI hasn’t been using its end in the bargain, routinely picking some outright terrible talent before some bonafide star needs for Madden 19 Coins outfit. “Improved logic that puts a better emphasis on team needs” is a thing, that can please individuals who live and die from the Draft Day sword in terms of spreadsheeting along with the like. Validate me. I know I’m in a growing crowd on that.

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